The Dreamlike Illustrations of Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur is a wonderful artist based in Montreal. Her pieces are created using a blend of acrylic and coloured pencil and are simply incredible. We came across her work while getting excitedly into the Christmas spirit and seeking out gifts for loved ones. Her work is beautiful, makes use of intense texture, colour and pattern and has a distinctly deep, colourful and narrative Pre Raphaelite-esque vibe to it. The difference of course, is that Alexandra Levasseur’s pieces look like a contemporary remix featuring simple line-drawn women with complex personalities, detailed swathes of flora and pastel backdrops in acrylic. 

Alexandra’s paintings exhibit a strong sense of female power and ownership of the body. The subjects of her work hang from trees, lie in pools of water, arrows protrude from their body parts and each bears a troubled posture and expressions. The  juxtaposition of beautiful floral coverlets and walls, limbs, hair and lips against yellow and grey pencil flashes of  thunderbolts, arrows and furrowed brows is just perfect. 

The world in each piece seems transient, with a beautifully drawn woman, struggling, with a sense of presence, sometimes receding, sometimes dually represented, wrapped into a changeable background. Alexandra states on her website that her recent paintings, which are part of a one year project documenting personal feelings every morning through one painting a day, explore the spontaneity and inspiration she meets every morning by way of environmental or emotional circumstances or states of mind, her energy, cravings and experiences.

She calls these pieces a diary of ‘seasonal emotional transmutations’. The dreamlike atmosphere of her paintings is lovely and is the brilliant result of a fusion of personal influence and feeling, and great use of painterly skill and mixed media. 

Find more here

Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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