Jenni Sparks

Recently featured for her great collaboration with Evermade, Jenni Sparks is a YGT favourite. Her illustrations are fun, fresh and rib-ticklingly good. Personal favourites include her “Famous on the Internet” t-shirt, tote bag designs and Music Monday pieces – illustrations of her favourite week-to-week tunes, featured regularly on her blog.

There’s a lovely honesty to her hand-drawn style and lol-typography. Her illustrations are the sort of thing I would love to line my walls with, but she doesn’t stop at prints.

Multi-talented Sparks has also produced some natty jewellery, transposed her great designs onto clothing, postcards, quirky gifts and accessories (by which I mean the sort of thing you buy for the person who has everything, like a coffee table books and knitwear for your pets from Urban Outfitters – which, incidentally i’m not too proud to admit to loving).

She has worked with all the usual suspects, including Flamingo, Wrap, Don’t Panic! and Anorak and is my favourite artist this week by miles.

I look upon her ‘Things That Hipsters Like’ piece on the days i’m not sporting an ironic t-shirt and laugh, heartily. Her blog is well worth a look for exciting design and consistently cheering features.

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