Luis Dourado

This hugely talented artist has produced some of the best work i’ve seen all year. Perhaps because as soon as I locked eyes with the demonic floating head of Jimmy Stewart against a cosmic collaged backdrop I was in love. 

Luis Dourado hails from Portugal and describes himself as a visual artist. He does not stick to a specific discipline, rather veers between digital and an analogue techniques and materials in every series of work. 

Exploring themes like control, memory and illusion, the work in each series refers to the influences and contexts of previous work. I particularly love the ‘Essays’, ‘Body Crying’ and ‘Into Space’ collections.

The influence of John Baldesari can be seen in the ‘Domains’ series, a great collection of ink and photography based pieces that feature line and dot embellishment in coloured ink on old photographs. 

Dourado is currently working on Untitled, his first book, coming out in September via SAUNA publishing house. Of which two hundred and fifty copies will be hand drawn, book by book, page by page; certainly a thing of beauty.

More work can be found at:

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