Andy Kehoe


With exhibitions titled Revel in the Wild Joy and Hail the Dark Wonder is it any wonder Andy Kehoe is being featured on YOUNG GOLD TEETH? We like our folk art a little bit dark and shamanic so allow us to introduce a talented artist that nails that aesthetic.

Perhaps we’re bound to enjoy anything that reminds us of the Watership Down animation of Frith and the black rabbit of death, but twisted conditioning aside, here’s an example of an artist that has pulled the themes of folk art into the contemporary art world without dulling the edge of the knife and becoming a bit too much like to stuff of twee storybooks.

A dark palette and images of fluid, mystic animals can be expected from this artist. However, there’s something very right about these paintings that moves away from the association of mystic art that connotes coffee table books on Wicca and tie-dye scarves. Themes of isolation, fear, the hunt and the great beyond stalk each painting, inviting us in, asking, ‘what are you afraid of?’

Andy Kehoe’s work does not indulge in the kind of Warcraft realism of a great deal of dated art that shares similar themes. These paintings are fresh, unpretentious and like the stuff of childhood nightmares. Which let’s face it, is a much more accurate representation of magical beings than any 80’s slash metal sleeve art could ever hope of being.

Not just a storyteller on canvas, Andy’s written narratives feature heavily on his website. With artist statements and bios detailing pirate skirmishes and lost Romanian villages, it’s a privilege to peek into such an artist’s imagination.

Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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