Craig Schlewitz

Craig Schlewitz’s photography conjures up a shining visual narrative, blurred round the edges; a dreamscape, peppered with primitive, adolescent tropism and notions of the contemporary nomadic-flower-child. I love his photographs of landscape and objects, particularly those depicting the the idea of life’s treasure, possession and the coveting that clings to childhood. If a photo-portrait of ‘a thing’ as opposed to a person can snatch at the imagination in the way that Schlewitz’s do, they’re surely worth a dime. Below, my favourite image: A ring of occult objects waiting to receive a modern ritual on hardwood floorboards; pretty simple and free of any lighting wizardry but still beautiful.

“I’m inspired by light and color and by the juxtaposition of life and death, beauty and ugly, new and old. I use photography as a way to explore these things.” – Craig Schlewitz

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