Mowgli Omari

Mowgli Omari is an art student from south eat London. His work, a collection of geometric collages comprised of found images, exotic prints from childhood books and images of well-known rap and hip-hop artists, speaks on music and the idea of the animalistic as deeply spiritual and correlating to modern religion. 

The name Mowgli is, yeah you guessed it, a direct reference to the Character from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book tales. The artist has explained that: 

“Mowgli for me highlights the fact that we are part of nature, which is something often forgotten, we perceive nature as something that we are above or outside of in today’s culture, and that is a theme I try to address in some of my work. Mowgli’s story is about growing up and leaving the wildness of childhood behind, and at twenty-one I feel like I am at a similar point in my life now, I have always been very reluctant to grow up. Omari means “God the Highest” and is a reference to my catholic education, and provides a relevant discord to the mathematical symbols and practices I often use in my name and works.”

Mowgli Omari hails from what he describes as a very multicultural area of London. His inspiration draws upon the extensive exotic imagery and sounds of the city. His work is a mash-up of visual and musical styles and motifs, alluding to a diverse mix of themes and influences. 

Find more, plus an extensive interview here:

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